Limited Seating for: Using Budgets to Validate Your Risk Management Models and Strategic Plans

Wednesday, December 14th

2 pm Eastern, 11 am Pacific




End-of-year is typically the season to draft strategic short and long term plans for coming years. Strategic planning entails using projections that come from a number of simulation processes involving models that include IRR management, margin management, Multidimensional Portfolio Management, liquidity management and so forth. Validating the efficacy of a credit union’s projections, plans, and risk-management processes take place when budgets for the coming years are drafted.


Join us

December 14th for this exclusive webinar to gain specific knowledge on :

  • How to create budgets that reflect A/LM models, strategic plans, etc.
  • How to assure your budgets are accurate, honest and support your plans and projections
  • How to determine changes that need to take place to assure your plans and modeling outcomes are compatible with one another
  • How TCT helps credit unions assure their budget processes reflect their modeling outcomes and strategic plans

This webinar will benefit

CEOs, CFOs, Board members, Supervisory Committee members and internal auditors.

If you know of a credit union professional who is not a client of TCT but may benefit from this webinar, feel free to have them notify us for an invite.

Event Details

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

12:00 pm MST